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Rugby Lib Dems support the Local Electricity Bill

January 17, 2021 10:13 PM
By Rugby Lib Dems

RDG & Local Party Sept 2019Rugby Liberal Democrats are backing the Local Electricity Bill that if made law would allow more small-scale renewable energy generation by empowering community energy groups to sell their clean energy directly to local people.

The Bill is backed by over 200 MPs from all British political parties and would strengthen local economies and tackle climate change at the same time.

It seeks to allow local groups to become electricity suppliers to their geographical areas. The Bill would open the way for communities in Rugby to benefit from electricity from renewable sources.

Commenting, Councillor Tim Douglas (Paddox), said:

"Currently, the energy regulator OfGem is not empowered to allow the creation of local energy generators to become local suppliers. Therefore, the Regulations need to be changed so residents can benefit from renewable energy projects and with-it cheaper energy bills. This Bill makes both economic and environmental sense for local residents and seeks to break the stranglehold of large energy suppliers and give power to local people."

Local Electricity Bill

Local Electricity Bill 2019-21 - UK Parliament

Local Electricity Bill support